Back in the studio!

So I finally have all the dates set for the recording of my album!

I'm so excited.

I'll be going to Boston first this coming Tuesday for the first day of pre-production planning. While I've been essentially in the pre-pro phase of this project til now, this is the first time I'll be back in the studio since we mastered the first track of the album. 

I still remember getting home after the last long day of mixing and mastering it and playing it for Mika in the van (the best sound system we had with us). All she said was "wow...... it sounds like a real song." 😂🤗

It's funny and incredibly validating at the same time. It's that same experience I'm striving for as I go back to the studio. I want every song to really move people, and ultimately become a profound listening experience.

What will I be doing on Tuesday? Pre-pro is just a chance to play through the songs how I think they should sound with all the extra parts. I'll be working through every aspect with the producer to see what fits well and what doesn't. 

Every step of the way in the process things can be reinvented or scrapped, but in pre-pro we make the most progress towards finalizing the song.

I had a plan for the songs, but just wrote another one the other day, so we'll see how it goes.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯