The beginning!


Welcome to my site and my blog. I recently ran an Indiegogo campaign for my first solo studio album. I made my goal and will begin working on the album within the next month.

I'm so grateful to everyone that's supported me in this. It's incredibly validating and liberating to be able to take this giant step towards being a professional musician.

This blog is where I will document the process of recording my album. I'm hoping that it will be helpful and interesting to hear about my experience. Actually, it's really just for Tripp. 😂🤙

I have recorded simple things on my own over the years, and I've also been in many live playing situations, but rarely with my own music. This is the first time I'm working with a professional producer to create music that resonates with me and hopefully connects to many others.

I've also self-produced and recorded an EP with my band Prideswell, but the quality of this album will be on a whole different level. I'm so excited, and I'm kinda trying to hide it.

This is a fantastic beginning! 

I'm working out the dates with the studio to start working on pre-production for the album. The studio is in Boston and I have a heap of responsibilities here in Bridgeport, so it might be a long process. I have no definite time-frame, yet.

At the moment I'm enjoying the extra time to work on the remaining songs. Stay tuned for more!