Guitars and vocals

Once again I went up to Boston for a few days of tracking. This time we worked on guitar and vocal parts.

When I say we, I really mean Chris and the producer Mike.  

For the vocal tracking, it was tricky like before. We did a few takes, listened back, changed a few things, and finally settled on the best versions. 

For guitar it was a little different. I didn’t play. I noodled around a little, but I left the serious playing up to my good friend Chris. 

He brought his guitar and had a lot of ideas going in. In one sense it was much less work for me, which was nice, but still mentally tiring. I was still listening intently to how everything was sounding together and offering feedback to better serve the songs.

The really interesting thing about recording electric guitar is that you don’t have to be in the studio. The amp is in the studio, miked, and fed the guitar signal from the control room. 

It's much more relaxing than having to be in the studio with headphones on listening to the backing track and directions from the producer. 

So we worked out and layed down the guitar parts for everything. It took about 3 hours just for one song. In total I think it took 6 hours. The last vocal session was about 4 hours.

I’m really grateful to Chris and Mike. I don’t have such a great ear for electric guitar and these guys did some serious work. 

Thanks so much guys! 

So I’ve only got a few more days of tracking left to go. Then it’s down to mixing and mastering. I’m shooting for an April release at this point. Thanks for all your support and patience in the process. 

I’m so excited about the way it’s turning out and can’t wait to share it. 

Here’s a little clip of Chris playing on one of he tracks.