The Final Countdown

Oh my gosh I'm so excited!

I've had a pretty wild past few weeks. First, my wife was gone to a conference for a week, leaving me with the kids. I have four kids ages 7, 4, 3, and 10 months. Sheesh it was rough. I got a lot of praise just for watching them all on my own.

I mean.... yea it was difficult, but not impossible. I love my kids.

After that week, I recorded a little clip of myself playing Hozier's Cherry Wine on uke. I wanted to do a full version, but this was just to share what I was working on. Eat My Uke saw it and shared it with his fans. It got a LOT of exposure. I made a huge chunk of fans through that. It was incredible and I'm so grateful to him for noticing and giving me the platform to reach more people.

Then I had the final two days of tracking and mixing my album. So from now on I won't be going to Boston. The final mixing and mastering has been scheduled for the end of April. At that point I'll have a record to share with all of you!!

My friend Sunhwa drove all the way across Massachusetts to record backup vocals. So really all I had to do was sit and offer my opinions. She had some ideas, I had some ideas, and the producer Mike had some ideas. We recorded her voice over as many places as we thought we could.

In some places it worked.

In others it didn't.

In some places we needed even more voices. 😂

So anyway, after one day of recording her singing and another day of mixing, I'm just stuck in the waiting game now.

I think I'm actually going to miss the River Street Whole Foods in Cambridge. I went there so often for pizza and kombucha. 🤤  Not good for my voice, really. 

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me through this. I'm so excited for the final product. It already sounds incredible as is, but it's all rough cuts. I can't wait to hear what the final mixes will sound like.