A great day meeting Jake Shimabukuro!

Well, my album should be done being mastered by next week. It'll officially release soon after that!

In the mean time I had an incredible day. 😁 I got to meet and interview Jake Shimabukuro for my podcast. He's such an incredible guy and unbelievably good ukulele player.

We talked about all sorts of things concerning the ukulele and life. I'm currently editing it and will be posting it at the beginning of next month.

Naturally I was pretty nervous to be meeting one of my ukulele heroes. He played such a big part in getting my start on this sweet little instrument. It was so nice to talk to him about practice, playing in a band, pedals, strings, teaching, and all sorts of other things.

The audio isn't the best, since it was quite a noisy environment, but the conversation is precious. He played one of his songs for me at the end, too. I'll never forget it. 😊

The thing that really made the whole night, though, was when he gave me a shout-out from the stage. Because of that I got to meet some more wonderful people from an ukulele club a few towns over.

Anyway! Just wanted to share that little update. I'm going to the Allegheny Ukulele Soiree this weekend and will meet many more great players and teachers.

So stay tuned for some great episodes and my album!