the uke note

The Uke Note newsletter gives insight, commentary, and news on the growing world of ukulele.

This is for anyone that wants to stay up to date on all things ukulele, including new developments and evolutions of the instrument.

It’s published and edited by me, Abe Deshotel (aka Ukulele Abe). I’m a teacher and musician interested in the journey of this sweet little instrument as it’s played by more people everyday and constantly being pushed to its limit.

The newsletter is not meant to be a comprehensive look at everything in the uke space.

It is simply my commentary on and reporting of important things in the growing world of ukulele.

Ukulele is a great little instrument. More and more people are playing/teaching it every day.

For now this is an experiment. I’d like to have a nice, simple newsletter delivered to my inbox regularly with all of the important uke news and developments, and so I made this.

If you dig it, let me know!